Behind Victorious in Vines (V.i.V.’s)

A veteran owned family business that serves San Antonio and surrounding areas. ViV’s is dedicated to meeting landscape needs by spreading love & joy by caring for God’s various landscapes. with deep Christian values Veteran Owned Family Business - Viviane & Matthew Maguire

Matthew has held many positions and titles with previous companies but, none are as fulfilling as being a landscaper. As a result, Matthew Maguire’s vision becomes a reality and Victorious in Vines became established in 2017.  His passion for the outdoors and love of nature provides the inspiration he needs for his landscape designs. For instance, he looks at plants, trees, wood, and natural settings to come up with urban landscape designs. Matthew has works on everything from backyard landscaping that includes pathways, water features, decks, to modern front yard landscape designs.

Matthew currently resides on the North East side of San Antonio, with his wife Viviane and their three children. V.i.V. looks forward to getting to know your family and being able to transform your home site!


The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. ” ~ Genesis 2:15e