Brush Collection Leaf Cleanup

Brush Collection Leaf Cleanup

It’s that time of year San Antonio Residents!

Brush collection along with leaf cleanup is in full swing for many San Antonio Residents.

Brush Collection

Many areas are having brush pickup starting in December. Don’t get fined by HOA’s or be that one neighbor that misses brush collection day! Let us come out and:

  • Deadwood trees
  • Create clean canopies
  • Clear out brush
  • Take it to the curb for you

We will come out and trim your trees and get you taken care of. Not sure when your collection day is? Enter your address and find out when

Leaf Cleanup

Many residents choose to let leaves lay where they fall. However, for many residential neighborhood HOA rules require that lawns are free of leaves.   What happens when you just let leaves fall? Leaves cause:

  • Unsightly lawns
  • Kills future grass growth
  • More allergens such as mold
  • Invites unwanted critters

We will do the entire leaf cleanup, haul off, and dispose the leaves for you!

Victorious in Vines Landscaping & Tree Service

Call or email us today and schedule your brush service and/or leaf clean up! Check out our website for other services at http:/

Tree service

Are you in need of professional tree service? Ever wonder when is the right time of year to trim or prune aTree services, trimming, and/or shaping

tree? Get affordable tree trimming services from a San Antonio veteran owned company. It takes more than just a chainsaw, ladder, and a truck to be a tree professional. We offer the following services:

  • Shaping
  • Deadwood
  • Removal

Let us send you our tree expert who will address damage, disease or safety concerns and help prevent possible liability.

Do You Need Tree Service Now?

Give us a call (512) 829-7073 or simply fill out our form below and Let’s get you a quote and on the schedule for service today!

Free Tree Give Away San Antonio

Free Tree Give Away

Free Tree Give Away

You read right it’s a free tree give away! Sponsored by the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department. Did you know that Fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs?! It sure is!

Planting trees at the right time means that they are more likely to survive and thrive. Planting in autumn lets your tree establish roots, which allows them to be ready for the next growing season. Therefore, this is especially important in hotter regions before the hot weather returns because it allows root systems to grow. As you probably know in the south we have “shortened” spring seasons and jump right into the hot, dry summers. It is hot, dry conditions that begin too rapidly which cause newly-established root systems to damage.

Now that you know all about tree planting here is an incentive to get you started!

Get your free tree from San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department!

For more information go to



Need help with existing trees? Let us come out and take a look!